Unique Chinese New Year Corporate Gift for 2017



Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays among the Chinese around the world. It’s usually a season of giving and showing love to people that have been there for you during the entire year similar to Christmas. People in workplaces usually find it difficult choosing a perfect gift for their co-workers, bosses, clients and other business associates. If you are one of these people, below is a list of unique Chinese New Year gifts that you can get from a corporate gifts company:

  1. Undercover Tablet Sleeve


This will cost you less than $25. It’s a perfect gift for your teammate at work. This is because he/she will not only enjoy it during the new year gift but all around the year. This sleeve helps in keeping the tablet firm and safe. This is due to its satin inner lining and its hard outer material.


  1. Auto-Sensing Wine Bottle Opener


This is a perfect corporate gift that will cost you less than $50. Chinese new year is a season of enjoying great wine and food. Therefore, an auto sensing wine bottle opener will make the opening of wine bottles extremely easy. It can open any cork. It is also accompanied with a magnetic foil cutter.


  1. Customized Holiday Cookie Jars


This amazing gift will cost you less than $50 if you buy it from a corporate gifts company. Get an 8inch holiday cookie jar that has a custom made image. You can then have it decorated with some personalized words and images that bring a new year mood.


  1. Beer Machine


For most Chinese, New year is not new year without beer. This is thus a perfect gift to get a colleague that loves beer. It goes for less than $100. Let him/her have the pleasure of brewing his/her own beer during the Chinese new year season.


  1. 2-in-1 Luxury Pen


This luxury pen comes with a 16GB USB Stick. There can never be a better gift than this for your boss or colleague. This pen will cost you less than $100 from a corporate gifts company. He/she will have a new pen and a USB to store documents and files at work.


  1. Cascading Office File


This is a wall organizer that will help your colleague organize his/her monthly documents in a fun manner. You can get one with less than $25. Every monthly folder comes with a notes section at the back. This is a perfect place for your colleague to list down the content of his/her documents. It also has a fold over the tab that will help in securing his/her work content.

  1. iPad X Case


This is a very functional gift for corporate associates. Simply choose a color that matches with their favorite outfits. It will give them a classy look and also keep their tablets secure at all time. It goes for less than $25.

So their you go! my Chinese new year list of top corporate gifts.. see you soon!

恭喜發財 (Gōngxǐ fācái)




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